Factory resetting the ShotKam

Same steps for Gen 4 and Gen 3 ShotKams

Follow the steps below to reset all the configuration files on your camera with factory defaults.

The factory reset will delete all videos from your ShotKam and restore all settings to default. To save your videos first, please click here: Save videos on your computer. 

Factory Reset Instructions:

  1. With the ShotKam plugged into your computer, open File Explorer or Finder and then click on the SHOTKAM device (where you normally go to view your videos) in the left-hand column. For Windows computers, scroll down under "This PC" section. 
  2. Show any hidden files on your ShotKam using the following options depending on whether you have a Mac or Windows computer:
    • If you have a Mac: When the SHOTKAM device is open in Finder (you will see a MISC folder, ShotKam folder, and some links), hold down on your keyboard Shift + Command + . (period). When you hold down these three keys, the hidden files on your ShotKam should now appear. Proceed to Step 3. 
    • If you have a Windows PC: In File Explorer, click View in the top bar > Options icons (click the little down arrow) > View (middle tab in the Folder Options) > Click on "Show hidden files, folders, and drives." Here's a quick Windows tutorial of what this looks like. Proceed to Step 3. 
  3. Highlight and delete every single file on the SHOTKAM device including any hidden files. Make sure it is completely empty. 
  4. Empty the Trash Bin (Mac) or Recycle Bin (Windows) on your computer. 
  5. Safely eject the ShotKam Camera from your computer, then turn the ShotKam on into Wi-Fi Mode (yellow LED + green LED). The camera will automatically recreate all the necessary files, so you do not need to replace any of them. 

Your ShotKam Camera has now been restored to factory default settings. Watch this step-by-step tutorial for additional help: 


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