Using the ShotKam

The ShotKam Camera uses patented technology to measure the forces and movements of your barrel. By calculating the forces and the pull of gravity, it automatically knows when to save video.

If you take 25 shots at the range, then it will automatically save all 25 recoils onto the internal memory card (which holds 3,000 videos for the NEW Gen 4 or 2,000 videos for the Gen 3). You do not need to be in WiFi Mode in order to record videos. It will save all videos whether it's in WiFi Mode or not.

To best understand how it works, here's a 2-minute demo:


If you want quick feedback at the range, then download your videos onto your smartphone or iPad/Tablet with these steps here.

How long does the battery last? Click here to learn what to expect from your battery life.

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